Broad Experience in a Wide Range of Immunotherapies and Biologics

(e.g. Monoclonal Antibodies and Vaccines)

Our Mission


LC4 supports Life Science development programs in early or mid-stage development phase by improving the commercialization decision-making process and supporting the required therapeutic and market assessments in order to maximize the life cycle opportunities and the competitive strengths and to increase value for patients and payers.

Our Philosophy


We position ourselves as the reliable partner for the pharmaceutical industry in their efforts to develop new medicines and companion diagnostics by transforming scientific opportunities into therapeutic promises with credible proof.


Our strength is based on in-depth strategic analysis of therapeutic behavior and related market trends enabling the creation of a better value proposition and improved competitive differentiation strategy to optimize the ultimate product position.


Our cross-functional assessment process can identify the ideal match between potential features of a product in development and the future medical needs in a specific therapeutic area, clarifies the commercial viability of the program and strengthens the foundation for future commercial success.


We offer our clients a pragmatic collaboration based on a work stream-driven process. Our collaborative concept, based on coaching, counseling and consulting skills, provides the opportunity to increase the skills and knowledge base of the clients' organization.


Areas of Expertise

The aim of the LC4 Consulting team is to offer you an independent advice on your strategic issues and opportunities. Thanks to our skills and broad expertise in early development decision making we can guide you with a clear vision and tactical insights for your project.


Commercialization SOP and Guidance

Guidance on the SOP and clinical development milestone driven deliverables of the Commercialization Process


Market Analysis of Therapeutic Landscapes

A systematic analysis of the disease landscape for entering a new therapeutic area


Cross-Functional Work Stream

A multi-disciplinary team enables cross-functional alignment in evaluating the promise of the program


Lifecycle Planning

Development of cross-functional recommendations for improving the differentiation strategy and value proposition during the different clinical development stages (Phase 1 - 2 - 3 and Filing stage)


Net Present Value Tool to support Decision Making

Capital budgeting prioritization tool for defining the profitability of a project by analyzing multiple NPV scenarios.



Our Clients


LC4 Consulting offers an attractive combination of expertise and skills suited to a broad range of clients in the Life Science industry involved in early development programs and requiring a long-term vision on new therapeutic options.


We shares our strategic insights and pragmatic vision with potential clients, focusing on or working with:

  • Small biotech companies with new programs based on innovative science, i.e. University start-ups
  • Big Pharma and mid-size Biotech companies with programs in early & mid-stage development
  • Licensing opportunities
  • Life cycle planning needs
  • Venture-backed Start-ups
  • Venture Capital Firms